Magnesium Spray

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Convenient and easy to apply, these little bottles of awesomeness can assist in enhancing a range of health benefits.  Symptoms and health conditions benefiting can stress-related muscle tension, migraine headaches and more. 

The uses for magnesium oil are as numerous as the uses for magnesium itself. When individuals using topical magnesium oil increase their magnesium levels sufficiently to reverse deficiency and restore optimal levels in the body, they stand to gain all the benefits of magnesium.

Magnesium therapy using transdermal magnesium chloride oil offers a unique set of benefits that collectively surpasses benefits provided by other forms magnesium. Each form of magnesium offers its own advantages, however the uniqueness of magnesium oil benefits – ease of use, affordability and convenience – make it an easy choice for those wishing to increase their daily magnesium intake.  

Available in 125ml atomisers.