Laundry Crystal Samples

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Never tried our Laundry Crystals or Vacuum Scent Booster before? 

Do yourself a favor and grab a sample today!

Refresh your laundry with our Laundry Crystals by adding these granules of goodness to the machine bowl or fabric softener dispenser before adding your washing to infuse your laundry with a gorgeous fragrance of your choice and soften your fabrics.

Have you ever started the vacuum cleaner and wanted a solution to that musty smell?  Grab yourself a little pot of magic with our Vacuum Scent Booster and simply vacuum it up to fragrance your Vacuum Cleaner bag for a couple of beautifully scented cleans! 

These incredibly easy and effective solutions are only $2.00 each.


Laundry Crystals are also available in 500g and 1kg tubs.