Indulgent Scentsations Tester Pack

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Want to try our Shower Fizzies, Whipped Shower Frosting & Laundry Crystals? Or want to try some new fragrances? 

The Indulgent Scentsations Tester Pack is for you!! 

This special pack comes with 
3 Whipped Shower Frosting Sample Tubs
3 Small Shower Fizzies &
3 Laundry Crystal Sample Tubs

All in mixed fragrances!

Our Whipped Shower Frosting is a beautifully fragrant and soft product perfect for those who love the Sugar Scrubs, but without the grainy texture!! Luxuriously moisturising and a fun, luxe way to fragrance your skin in the shower or bath.

Our Shower Fizzies are cute little semi spheres of awesome that mean we can also treat ourselves to a gorgeous fragrance explosion in the shower or transform your bathroom into an almost spa like experience!! Just pop one of our delicious Shower Fizzy into the corner away from direct water contact to allow the steam and splashes of water to release your favourite fragrances!!

Refresh your laundry with our Laundry Crystals by adding these granules of goodness to the machine bowl or fabric softener dispenser before adding your washing to infuse your laundry with a gorgeous fragrance of your choice and soften your fabrics.

All 3 products available seperately.